Sunday, December 19, 2010

Countdown to the Holiday...

My twins love to torture me with telling me exactly how few days are left till THE Day.  Oh the agony of being behind...  I woke up at 4:30 this morning with my mind racing on all the things I need to do, haven't done or forgotten, and in between all that trying to give quality time to the girls, and bunnies.  Am I stretched a bit thin?  Yes, I think so.

On the lighter side, I sang the Messi*h with a symphony and a 100 voices.  My dh came and all five daughters.  I knew my deaf daughter would be bored so I told her that she could bring a book and things to draw with.  I also was clear that I expected her to behave like a 12 year old, not a 4 year old, which meant not slumping down in her seat, putting her hood over her face and going to sleep.  She didn't do any of that put she DID hold her book up high enough to block the view of the person behind her, and she did put her bright yellow coat on backwards.  My other daughter who was sitting next to her told her to stop.  I am seeing all this because I'm up in the balcony with the other sopranos.

But the sound of us was amazing, it truly just blew everyone's socks off.  As we ended a roar went up from the audience and they were on their feet even before the clapping started. Wow!  Four of my five really were impressed with the performance, what a great experience.

And today for the first time I got to sing with my twins. The chorale that I sing with arranged with the mall to do a random act of singing.  While we are all there we didn't interact but all of a sudden one person started singing, then another, and finally you had about 35 people singing in four part harmony Chr*stmas carols.  The people at the mall (and there were quite a few) went nuts and really enjoyed it.  My twins and I sang together, it felt wonderful!

I will continue tomorrow, I must get some sleep now.


  1. Good luck getting ready for THE big day! I just love that spontaneous mall singing. Have you seen the video from the Canada mall in November singing Hallelujah? It was awesome. Hope your reaction was just as good.


  2. Oh ohhhhhh! You got to do one of those mall singing thingys!! (yes I'm that loopy right now....I can't even use proper english myself) I'm so excited for you and jealous! I always thought it would be SO fun to either be at the mall when that happens or to be a part of the group doing it! FUN! Merry Christmas to you guys, I hope you have a great holiday!

  3. Hope you and yours had a WONDERFUL Christmas! I was just ran across this and thought of your daughter. Might be helpful!
    Happy New Year!